Sky Scraper

My late grandfather John N. Lamb, an artwork by my uncle Greg Lamb. John, a veteran and quietly accomplished artist and art teacher, often assumed this position in the 1980’s to paint and repair our 1792-era house in Medfield, Massachusetts. Decades before, he had built a large wooden deck off the back of the house in the shape of the bow of a ship’s hull. An American flag flew off the front, level with the high maple tree branches, pointing beyond the yard and garden instead of the ocean. As this drawing shows, he always reached beyond reality to build great things.

Reporting from the Frontlines of the 9th International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias in Vancouver

Highlights of the legendary conference included big new funding for FTD research, Dr. Bruce Miller’s forceful advocacy for improved diagnosis, the curious case of the C9 expansion mutation, groundbreaking findings from the UK’s Genetic FTD Initiative and the launch of a US version, tau PET imaging, and, of course, the humanity at the heart of this kind of science.

Written for the MGH Frontotemporal Disorders Unit

What’s in a Word?

What if you couldn’t remember what the word ‘anger’ meant? What if the concept was totally erased from your mind? If ‘anger’ failed to call to mind the knowledge built over a lifetime of experiences of anger—the sounds of yelling or honking horns, the bodily feelings of seething in silence or lashing out, the visuals of clasped fists or glaring eyes—could you still perceive anger on someone’s scowling face? These researchers have a counter-intuitive answer.

Written for the MGH Frontotemporal Disorders Unit

The SIRS: A New Tool to Predict Social Symptoms in Brain Disease

Researchers in the MGH Frontotemporal Disorders Unit have designed a new clinical tool called the Social Impairment Rating Scale (SIRS) that measures the types and severity of social symptoms in brain disease. This investigation into the breakdown of social behavior in neurodegenerative disease exposes the emotional architecture of human personality.

As Published in “From Care to Cure” Volume 1, Issue 1 Fall 2014, NEWS FROM THE MGH FRONTOTEMPORAL DISORDERS UNIT